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Text Workbanch, HandyFile Find And Replace: Text Aid Kit and HandyFile Find And Replace: Office Edition are distributed as shareware. Download the evaluation version now and try it for 30 days! If you find it useful, you will have to buy a license.

Supported Operating Systems

All editions require Windows 2000 SP2, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Can't decide?

Text Aid Kit:   search and replace text in plain text ANSI files; supports regular expressions.
Office Edition:   + can search and replace text in Microsoft Office documents; can collect text from multiple files.
Text Workbench:    + search and replace in UTF-8/Unicode and MS Office files; search and replace via FTP; built-in text editor; handles files of up to 263 bytes, and more.
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Please follow the links below to get the required package or file.

Application Distributions

If you can't decide whether your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit, download 32-bit version.

 Text Workbench 6 x86 (latest version) Download 32-bit (US) / Alt.server (DE)
 Text Workbench 6 x64 (latest version) Download 64-bit (US) / Alt.server (DE)
 Office Edition Download (US) / Alt.server (DE)
 Text Aid Kit Download (US) / Alt.server (DE)
Printable Help
 Text Workbench, pdf Download (US) / Alt.server (DE)
 Text Aid Kit / Office Edition, pdf Download (US) / Alt.server (DE)
Previous Versions
 Text Workbench 5.1.115 x86
     (previous version)
Download 32-bit (US) / Alt.server (DE)

All of the distribution packages contain everything the program needs to run. No extra .NET download, no hidden catch. It comes fully equipped and includes an exhaustive help section with examples.