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HandyFile Find And Replace Editions

The table below summarizes the features included in each of the HandyFile editions.

Feature Text Aid Kit Office Edition Text Workbench FreeBee
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Search Options
Maximum file size Available RAM Available RAM8 exabytes (263 bytes)64 kB
FTP support      
Search nested FTP folders *      
Unicode and UTF-8 files    
MS Word and MS Excel files      
MS Powerpoint files      
Search and replace in huge files *      
Variable strategy for small and lagre files *      
Whole words only option *      
Batch replace    
Regular expressions      
Replacement Confirmation    
Ignore whitespace (direct control) *      
Ignore whitespace (in app. Options)    
Case-sensitive search    
Multiple search folders    
Multiple search masks    
Date and time filter    
File size filter    
Binary file filter    
Option to search ignoring whitespace    
    ...path resolving operators      
    ...symbol to HTML entity conversion      
Advanced features
COM Support (for calling from scripts)      
File renamer      
Search folder selector    
(saves found text in one or separate files)
Regular Expression Laboratory    
Search report (in HTML format)    
Search report printout    
Command-line switches    
Configurable back-up storage location    
Configurable target storage location    
User interface options
Seamless text editor    
Image browser    
User interface font selection    
Audible and visual alerts    
System tray icon    
TextViewer to browse through the search results    
Binary viewer    
Multiline search text input    
Team collaboration options
Save, load and share configurations    
Export, import and share search and replace scenarios    

* - this search and replace feature is available in Text Workbench since version 6.