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The Industry Standard in File Search and Replace Jobs.

HandyFile Find And Replace and Text Workbench are perhaps the best Windows utilities for people who have to edit multiple occurences of text at once in many text files, HTML pages, source code, logs or any other text data.

Using a powerful Regular Expression engine, it will enable you to find any irregular text by creating search patterns of any level of complexity. You can preview each replacement, perform batch search and replace operations (that is, apply many search/replace operations to a file at once). The collector feature will extract text from files for you, transform it and save it to one file or individual files. The major edition can search and replace files via FTP. It is what you would like a search and replace tool to be.

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You are free to choose between the three editions (also see feature comparison grid):

Text Aid Kit:  
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  • provides basic search and replace (grep) functions;
  • search and replace text in small, plain text ANSI files;
  • supports regular expressions. Details / Download »
Office Edition:  
in addition to Text Aid Kit's functions:
  • search and replace text in Microsoft Office documents;
  • collect text from multiple files. Details / Download »
Text Workbench:   
surpasses the junior editions in every aspect:
  • search and replace in UTF-8/Unicode, MS Office files;
  • process files directly on an FTP server;
  • has a built-in text editor;
  • multilingual user interface;
  • supports scripting and automation via COM: new ActiveXObject("TextWorkbench.Application");
  • handles files of up to 263 bytes (8 exabytes). Details / Download »

All editions support batch replace jobs, command line switches and include a regular expression tester.

Beware of the clones - there are quite a few. Since its inception in 2001, HandyFile Find And Replace has grown into a mature application. Don't settle for anything less than the best.

But what's so great about it?

"We update tons of files daily. We correct our source code, user guides and technical documentation: essentially, we make changes to the files by editing text. We would be snowed under with work if it were not for HandyFile Find and Replace! It makes batch search and replace jobs a real breeze. We don't need any special package to create documentation for the programming interface and API's - the Collector searches files and creates the help topics using HTML templates. We have even fitted it to make partial translations of our documentation!"
Roald Litton, Content Editor

It does the job - ultrafast. It saves you from manual editing by searching and replacing text in all files at once. It gives you competitive advantage.

The distribution package contains everything the program needs to run. No extra .NET download, no hidden catch. It comes fully equipped and includes an exhaustive help section with examples.

Save hours of work you won't get paid for.

Your clients press you hard to get their website updated? You can’t leave until you create a visitor hit report for your boss? Or maybe you’re just searching for a specific IP address in server logs and want to collect all the relevant data? We’ve all been there. Do your job faster. Now you can do it.

Finding Files

Diverse file search filters enables you to search files with different names and extensions, and replace text in them. You can search in more than one directory. The ability to use regular expressions in file search masks makes HandyFile Find and Replace a superior utility of the kind.

Finding Text

Vast search attributes, regular expressions with extended syntax give you full control over the find and replace operations.

Editing Text

When performing a text search and replace operation, you can confirm each replacement if you feel you can damage text in your files by applying changes. With fast and robust regular expressions, you can search and replace text in an unimaginable fashion: you can store an expression of up to 2 MB!